Monday, January 28, 2008

fashion for your finger tips....

I have found that many, many people neglect to decorate their bathrooms. this is particularly curious, because it is more likely than not, a visitor will see your bathroom. thus, why not pretty it up a bit? these super-fun hand towels are on sale at for $9, plus the personalization adds the perfect touch of class. for $9 why not give your guests something fancy to wipe their hands on?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

for all those with nose/ ear hair eeeeeeeeeewwwwssues

so tonight i was looking in the "gifts for him" section and i discovered this nose/ear hair trimmer! holy god! do men really use these things? and if so do they actually want them as gifts? i mean seriously, i was totally taken aback....what's with men and over-growing nose hair?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

the ultimate valentines gift for your sweetie!

i love this gift's classic. only $8 from urban outfitters, for extra flare stop your local beer distributor for a "40" of colt 45....timeless.

I'm back..

After a period of hiatus I am back to blogging and almost settled in Philadelphia. This whole experience has been a total whirl-wind and I cannot wait to feel settled again. Thus far, all has gone well and I am really enjoying living in an urban environment again.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Fuze lip gloss has something amazing in it that promises to curb one's cravings and help a girl out in her journey to skinny skinny. available for $18.50 at Sephora. Did I mention it comes in fun fruit flavors like dragonfruit lime, strawberry melon, and blueberry raspberry. considering i ate pizza for breakfast today i'll take all the dieting help i can get!

lulu's on SALE

one of my favorite sites, Lulu's Labels, is offering 15% it's inventory through 1/31 Just use the code "LOVE" At checkout. A personalized gift is a great idea for your valentine, or your best girlfriend.

Monday, January 7, 2008

clorox owns burt's bees

the NY Times recently featured this article on the burt's bees company, which i am completely outraged about! has anyone ever been on the burt's bees site, where they pledge their allegience to the environment, etc? and yet they are owned by clorox, one of the biggest industrial polluters around? what total BS. seriously from now on, i am just buying the "chapstick" brand and saving myself the $2 extra i previously paid for the burt's. what's the point? i am now shopping for a new "real" organic chapstick, preferably one not owned by the clorox corporation.

skinny skinny

i was doing so well with weight loss etc, however panera bread has thwarted all my successes. i am totally addicted to the place, in fact i am there now. i need to be stopped.....ugh so as for me i am back to the gym for the new year with the new goal of losing 8 lbs. i am basically trying to around breads and stick to fish/ veggies and other protiens. what i really need is some good snackie ideas to help me through the day. im totally into eating inbetween meals? however, the question remains, what's better then bread??????? anyone else addicted to panera?

it's not a matter of want, it's a matter of NEED

i REALLY REALLY love this bag from banana. it's an "online-only" item so it cannot be found in stores....problem is i have a ton of bags and really cannot justify another. also there doesn't seem to be any good BR coupon codes floating around the net????? does anyone have any?

Friday, January 4, 2008


also, as a point of interest, my nana makes these amazing knitted blankets, and i have been trying to think of a way for her to enterprise this skill. does anyone know of a website where you can sell such things, other than ebay?????

oui oui

in pursuit of spring Old Navy has launched a new line of "French-inspired" fashions. I really like this tunic, it comes in a variety of colors and for $24 it's a total steal

hotify your hose

this is a problem every woman has, the problem is stockings, panty hose, nylons, or whatever else you have termed these archaic torture devices. however, the reality is that at some point or another we all wear them. i for one like the opaque variety, but i'm usually limited to the basic colors of black or grey due to the total lack of options at my local target. to my great surprise dailycandy sent me an e-mail this am with a link to "we love colors," this site is fantastic! now you can get tights in any color you could ever have desired! i know its not exactly professional, but it sure is fun......and seriously next time you want to be a bumble bee or little red riding hood or something for halloween, or god knows what else you need colored tights for, you now know wear to go, to meet all your nylon needs.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

to tan or not to tan?

question: "does anyone tan in the winter time?"

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

i heart target

Once more target has introduced a new "GO" designer, this time it's Loeffler Randall, and I really really love the cream tote of this collection, and it's only $39.....super

winter madness @the jcrew

jcrew is currently offering up to 50% off final sale items.....take advantage