Monday, June 25, 2007

Sailing is super fun

and sooooo i have now decided after spending the weekend on a 40ft catalina sailboat, in greenwhich connecticut, that i am mandating that my future hubby has a sailboat, or at least wants to get one someday.

new year's resolution = hang out at yacht clubs more!

happy monday

Thursday, June 14, 2007

ribbon belts, and boat shoes, and seersucker, OH MY!

and sooooo tonight i logged onto my computer and saw an invitation in my gmail account...blogging about preppiness...oh hells yes.

there is much more to come...put i shall leave you with my favorite quote, and one of my life mottos, "classic preppy is not a trend, its a lifestyle"

and it is the beginning

today marks the first day of the blog. based upon months of readings various other preppy fashion blogs, I have decided to try it for myself, as to share the wonders of my many internet purchases with the world.

here it goes....