Saturday, March 29, 2008

it's better then cable kids, because it's FREE!

When you need a little cinema entertainment or you missed an episode of your favorite show, who needs "on demand" "dvr" or whatever, because now there's this site offers a full selection of free movies, tv shows, and sporting events, available anytime free of charge for your viewing pleasure....think of the possibilities.

the white bag

a splendid way to blow $1,000, burberry white's just like heaven

Thursday, March 27, 2008

who needs europe....absinthe in a lolly!

Just when you thought you've seen comes the absinthe flavored lollypop from a crazy creation capturing the novelty absinthe in a lolly, however i doubt the green fairy comes with these candies....

i still love u bennie

did everyone forget about ben sherman? i still heart his designs, particularly this little dress from UO. on sale now for $54

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Martha's face

as per Martha Stewart prime-time, the best foods for your skin are:

flax seeds
red pepper

as for me, i've been using this oil of olay daily regenerist...this product is amazing. i have only been using it a week and already the results are fabulous, my skin has developed a more healthy appearence and my overall complex is improved. i highly reccomend this product in lieu of a daily dose of flax seeds.

who are you and what do you want?

i know this sounds like a line reverberated at a crank caller, but seriously kids....this question is quite relative and timeless. i got to thinking this morning, the concept of who we are is continously changing with graduations, jobs, relationships, whatever...but the concept of what we want is supposed to be timeless. is it really? does everyone really want the same things they proclaimed to want when they entered college? left college? in my case entered law school? i highly doubt it. so why does everyone pretend that they're "living the dream" when the dream they're living died years ago? i've come to the conclusion we can't all decide who we are in an instant decision....and as for me, i think i'd like to design stationary.....

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pattern-Playtime @Old Navy

Old Navy's selection is hitting all this season's trends, bold yellows, bright patterns and black and white's also starting to look a lot like banana republic....

now im just an addict

after my glorious trip to macy's center city yesterday, im now borderline addicted to bobbi brown make-up and im now currently on a waitlist for the shimmer brick....kinda sick that there now are wait lists for make-up. i'll keep you all posted on my experience with this product....however it could be awhile as i do not know how high im on the list.....

this product made my weekend

i am not one to rave on about make-up etc, but the creamy concealer kit from bobbi brown is no joke....this stuff is amazing. lately i have been having a serious issue with dark circles and the concealer kit has now made them magically disappear. plus it does not feel heavy, not does it crease or become greasy. i highly reccomend for anyone who's been a little light on sleep lately.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

love that moxie

after reading all the buzz about i decided to go check it out and i found this fab brown satin shirt, which is very similar to the brown shirt from banana i featured last week.....i reccomend everyone take a look at, the selection is a bit small but the style is right.

Friday, March 7, 2008

deals and steals

enamel jewelry has always been a preppy staple, but until now was never available at such a low cost. these faux bamboo enamel bangles come in a range of colors for $7.50each, only at

skinny skinny

it is my opinion belts are hot and therefore should be worn as much as possible. this little red lizard its an excellent example of a hot belt. size small please.

gotta keep that edge...

an edgy twist on a preppy classic

and "i want to be the girl with the most cake...."

one day i shall be...

until then..

Saturday, March 1, 2008

what ever happened to panties people?

apparently all the cool celebrities skip panties and some how this ridiculous trend is catching on.....ewwww panties people panties. if you insist on skipping them Shibue Couture makes these sticky triange devices you can use in their place. just sticky and rinse after wear. it still seems like a good ole pair of seemless panties are a whole lot simpler.