Friday, September 28, 2007

everyone secretly watches the home shopping channel....

secretly i watch the homeshopping channel, i know it's a dirty little secret. however, they sometimes have really different things, like these swirl cut quartz rings in gold for $139. really unique and super fun.
hsn isn't just for old ladies anymore

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Support Domestic Products

American Apparel, dress $44......remind you of anything? (i.e. banana republic) Are conversative solids/ cuts becoming hip? I think YES!

Big Red Part Deux

As some of you know, I LOVE red bags, here are two more lovelies from Both finds are a steal with the large bag @$59.95 and the clutch @$19.95. This site is primarily for home decor but has a limited (but fab) selection of handbags and jewelry.

Hey Big Spender!

Hermes has come to Spread the word.

hello houndstooth

beautiful from banana republic

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Britney Tans at Midnight?????,,20058598,00.html

Ok world, so informed me today that Britney hits the tanning bed at midnight, at this point, I have decided to stop defending her. My love for Britney just keeps dwindling; why must she be such a freak show?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bull's Eye!

Target makes it happen (again).....

Once more Target has it just right; during a recent online hunt of their new inventory I discovered several fabulous pieces.

the heels are really fun pieces for fall, great accents to a solid color suit or dress, or even just for fun. the dress (Issac M) is a timeless piece, great for anywhere, dressed up or down.
Yet again, Target succeeds at delivering great style.
love it.

Shopping Penguin

For those who don't know, I love penguins, and the penguin in this video looks just like my norbert. He's super cute and he shops.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Multi-task: tailgating fabulous/ breast cancer savvvvy

Ok, so I believe that preparation is 1/2 the battle, thus why not prep yourself for a fun tailgating sunday (or whenever) with this fun cork screw. It's uniquely lady-like, and 10% of the proceeds from this baby go to support breast cancer research. that alone makes it a "must-buy." remember October is breast cancer awareness month!

Found @RedEnvelope

Nevermind it's in a foam cup, it's monogrammed...

Tis the season O tail-gating...Ida Claire helps fancy it up with these unique mongrammed foam cups. Add some style to ur tail-gate. It beats the solo cups.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dating for professional women....

This sunday's times featured an incredibly accurate article "Putting Money on the Table" by Alex Williams, the basic concept was that these days women are making more money then men, which in turn causes a bit of a dating debacle, who pays? As a traditionalist myself, I believe it's proper that the man should pay, however I also believe that the woman should as frequently as appropriate treat her partner. In spite of my idealism, I too have experienced the pain of this article. Honestly, it can be hard to find a successful man these days, and when you're used to a certain style of living on your own income, limiting it due to the lack of someone else's can become difficult.

Thus, does the buck stop there?

I think yes.

No cheap dating for me ladies.

My thoughts exactly

"the lowest ebb is at the turn of the tide"


Grape Ape date night

I realize that today is sunday, but in internet time, it is the perfect time (shipping wise) to plan for next week's date night, thanks to a little help from FCUK. I am usually not a FCUK shopper or even a lover of purple, but these beautiful eggplant finds are an exception to my rule. The downside is, they are all quite pricey. If nothing else, get the dress, it's timeless and still fun.
Happy Sunday

Friday, September 21, 2007


with the "impendingness" of the fall season, i do love a change in jewelry. this piece from urban bloom is wonderfully unique and a steal @ $26. enjoy

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Gods have smiled upon me today.....

dear nordstrom,

thank u for having a sale in diesel jeans, in only MY size. I love u.



p.s. check out if ur a size 29 for a diesel surprise

Turq Jewelry

Turq Jewelry has some beautiful classic pieces and lots of fun trendy stuff. I personally love these pearls and covet them for myself.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

fall time work wear at jcrew

Donegal Tweed @jcrew makes for a nice infusion of fall-time fabrics into ur work wardrobe. the best part is the amazing versatility of tweed, it just works so beautifully with so much. Also the lining on this suit is so beautifully detailed, I just NEED it!

Britney Part Deux

CNN told me today that Britney Spears must submit to drug testing 2x a week in order to maintain her joint custody arrangement with K-Fed, and I ask you what has this loser done to be labeled "the better parent?" By no means am I defending Britney's parenting antics, but at the very least the woman has a steady income, which is less then we can say we K-Fed and his pathetic attempt at a rap career. Basically my gripe is that a loser like that man should not be rewarding for impregnating a celebrity with an indefinite supply of cash.....and media praise because he didn't shave his head in public. Ughhhhhh


In re Sarah Jessica Parker's new clothing line "Bitten" I checked it out today at my local Steve n Barry's (p.s. awful place) and determined that it lacked any sort of fashionistic element at all. It basically consisted of cheap fabrics cut into classic pieces, like solid tees and pants. gross gross gross. total waste of perfectly good shopping time. do not make the same mistake.

Monday, September 17, 2007

to wear with big red....

also from UO at $14.99, it's a great transitional piece to look fab in

Big Red......

so....i found this sassy big red bag from UO for $58. it is a little known fact that i am an addict for red handbags, explanation unknown.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Lovely, Mate.....

these necklaces are fun from

they come in a variety of definitions.....think of possibilities
i.e. sending passive aggressive messages through gift-giving of such necklaces...hahaha


In course with my evening out last night, which was filled with delightful espresso martinis (my poision of choice these days) I have found this lovely bag; btw is the color of the above mentioned martini. The best part of all this is that the bag is only $34...this is amazing, and goes with the whole "work chic" theme. enjoy ur day world.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Office Chic

Oh work outfits, how I hate thee, but Banana Republic makes you less gruesome....

Sunday, September 9, 2007


dear internet world,

in my search for a new longchamp bag i have discovered a large collection of unused/new longchamp totes in a variety of shapes and colors on ebay; again my love for ebay has been reaffirmed. fabulous.